The Objective
Navigate through locked rooms and across space ramps to get to the space station control tower. Each room cleared gets you closer(?) to the end!

But Why?
You're solving puzzles in space! Do you need a reason? Fine. See below.

The Story
You are an undergraduate physics student who has unwittingly disproved Einstein's theory of General Relativity on your last problem set. The old and powerful Physics Illuminati will stop at nothing to suppress this subversion of their beliefs and have locked you up in a secret space prison. Luckily for you, their fortifications were designed assuming Einstein's famous Space Time Postulates, and you will assume no such thing!

Armed with youthful naïvety and retro-causality you must navigate your way through the space prison until you get to the control tower where there is a space elevator. Once there you can descend to Earth and escape your nefarious captors. Good luck!

Game Mechanics
You'll mostly be trying to get through doors and buttons open doors. Standing on 1 white button opens 1 door while opening some doors require 2 blue buttons to be pressed.

Using 4 Dimensions (tldr version)
First mouse click records your movements. Second click stops the clock, rewinds movement, then replays what you just recorded. This allows you to perform some action, rewind time, then perform another action as your past (now current) self performs the initial action during the same time interval.


Pause / Unpause||esc key / mouse click
Move ForwardW
Strafe LeftA
Move BackwardS
Strafe RightD
Jumpspace bar
Move Cameramouse point
Record / Reverse Timemouse click

What happens if I get stuck?
Fear not! If you fall to your death or get stuck or can't figure out a door you can always jump to a level by pressing the 1-8 key on your keyboard.